Jun-Fan Gung Fu/Jeet Kune Do

Bruce Lee's rendition of Gung Fu, which he based upon Wing Chun. Western boxing, kickboxing, Chin-Na and Jun-Fan weaponry can also be found in this art, which was inducted into the Kuoshu Federation of the Republic of China as a Gung Fu system. Jeet Kune Do in a broad sense, is Bruce Lee™s personal concept application for combat. Our curriculum does have trapping , chi sao, and the mook jong, etc. The JKD that we teach is base on Sifu Inosanto, Sifu Hartsell, and Sifu Bustillo way of teaching. We do not offer a belt rank in JKD. There never was one by Sijo Bruce Lee. We teach the system as Sijo taught to his students. "Take what's useful, reject what's useless..."

UWAK® Filipino Martial Arts – Kali, Arnis, Panantukan, Pangamut, Dumog, Sikaran

UWAK® Kali/Silat is a constantly evolving system. ... Include intensive weapons training, intended to train the body to respond quickly to attack, as well as boxing and grappling. Weapons used: sword and dagger (espada y daga), single stick (baston), two sticks (sinawali), and others. The techniques are based on a combination of different Filipino systems. Example the Pangamot art is a Filipino martial art, It is composed of panantukan (hand techniques), dumog (grappling), pananjakman (kicking and sweeping), kaukit (foot trapping), and kino mutai (biting and gouging). The basic lineage is from Guro Inosanto, Guro Bustillo, Sifu Larry Hartsell (Lameco System) and Guro Lindsey Largusa, with combination of their Instructors that include Master Angel Cabales, Master Regino Illustrisimo, Master Leo Giron, Master John LaCoste, Master Ben Largusa, Grand Master Floro Villabrille, and GrandMaster Canete. (Cacoy Doce Pares) Our Curriculum is based on the way Guro Crow's Instructors taught him in the 70's and to this day. In UWAK® Kali/Silat we do have a belt ranking system in Guro Crow's Art.

Thai boxing (Muay-Thai)

Thai boxing, also known as Muay-Thai, is different from international boxing in that feet, elbows and knees are used as well as fists. Thus, it resembles a free-for-all fight and is therefore considered superior to international boxing as an art of self defense. Kru Raymond Crow is a former Instructor of the THAI BOXING ASSOCIATION of the USA. He was Ajarn Chai's first instructor in Texas! We incorporate our Thai Boxing in our JKD classes and we offer Thai Boxing in private lessons.

UWAK® Pentjak Silat

UWAK® Pentjak Silat is an Indonesian martial art. It covers footwork and Jurus (fighting forms). Also part of the basics are Sambuts, Buwangs, Jurusan, kicking, grappling, submissions and training methods. We also teach and practice the art of Pentjak Silat Soempat. It is the art with the curved Sticks. These arts are very aggressive and effective self-defense systems. Crow's Martial Arts Academy is one of the few that offer Silat in North Texas. Our former Silat Instructors: Guru Inosanto (Maphilindo Silat), (Madjapahit Silat), Guru Victor De Thouars (Pentjak Silat Sera), and others. SEE PHOTO GALLERY FOR VICTOR DE THOUARS'S JURUS BOOK. WE ARE LISTED AS COACHES FOR THE "CARROLLTON BRANCH" IN HIS SILAT SYSTEM.

JKD/Jiu Jitsu Grappling

Sifu Crow is a former certified Associate Instructor under Sifu Larry Hartsell; he received his initial Instructorship in 1987. Sifu Hartsell was one of the original students of Sijo Bruce Lee and the founder of the JKD Grappling. Sifu/Guro Crow enhanced his Grappling classes by expanding and growing past just the JKD Grappling and putting his own stamp on the grappling art. Therefore our Grappling classes consist of JKD Grappling and enhancements taken from Pentjak Silat, Filipino Dumog, Inosanto/La Costa Grappling and Silat methods, Shoot Wrestling, Ju Jitsu, Judo, Aikido, Chin-Na, MMA Shooto Lameco Eskrima, and others.

Wing Chun

Offered for students interested in Wing Chun, which is one of the main elements of Bruce Lee's Jun Fan Gung Fu system. The class consist of the Forms, Chi Sao (Sticking hands), Mook Jong (Wooden Dummy), and more. The wing chun that is taught at our Academy is Traditional with some Modified sections. Sifu Crow had the first Wing Chun school in the DFW area. It was called the Wing Chun Academy and opened around 1983. It was at 2201 Tucker St, Suite 103 in East Dallas.

Western Boxing

We offer Western Boxing. We teach novice to professional fighters. Bag work, jump rope, focus pads and conditioning drills are used to prepare you for one-on-one contact training.

We also offer a boxing program just for fitness and conditioning.

Note: You receive boxing gloves and focus mitts with your initial Membership fee. Bring your equipment to every class: Hand wraps, boxing gloves, mouthpiece, head gear, and cup/groin protector are required.

UWAK® Combative Self-Defensive Knife Course

This program is based on a 5 hours basic course and 5 hours advanced course to prepare the student in case of an attack. It consists of simple but effective and proven stances, footwork, grappling, sombrada, takedowns, strips, grips, etc. It will give the student confidence and the tools to practice, increase their awareness and safety. Note: A person carrying a firearm will usually make sure to get the proper training when acquiring it. But does the person carrying a knife do the same? Often the conception is that carrying a knife is enough in itself.

We will offer an Instructor program for people who successfully completed both courses to be certified as Uwakâ„¢ Defensive Knife Instructors.

For further information, see the Seminars page

Crow’s Martial Sports Science Martial Sports Science

Crow's Martial Sports Science Martial Sports Science is a program for Football players and other sports. Our program will teach energy and sensitivity drills, footwork, and more applications for the defensive and offensive linemen. The goal is to teach how to use the hands and feet in contact sports like Football.

This program is based on Dr. Bob Ward program while he was a Conditioning Coach at the Dallas Cowboys from 1976 to about 1989. And Raymond Crow was honored to help teach the Cowboys while he was there for a few years. Sifu/Guro Crow assisted Ajarn Chai, Sifu Hartsell, and Sifu Inosanto in training the Cowboys in the 80's. Also has train some of the recent and former Dallas Cowboys . Plus has work with other Expansion Teams.

Instructor(Coach) Raymond Crow has spent special time working with his friend Ex Dallas Cowboy Randy White. Instructor (Coach) Ray Crow, had the privilege to work with him and other Ex Dallas Cowboys in the past and others. Here is a small list of Pro Football Players and other professional athletes we have been involved in training:
Phil Costa- ex Dallas Cowboy, Mike Blocker - St. Louis Rams, Patrick Lewis - Seattle Seahawks, Charles Tuaau - Kansas City Chiefs, LaAdrain Waddle - Detroit Lions, Jarvis Harrison - New York Jets, David Dawson- NFL, and others. Go to the link Page and click the sports science link to go to the sports science website.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered. Please contact us for more information.