Live Trainer

The Live Trainer TM is a unique piece of training equipment . It helps you with your punching, footwork, timing, coordination, speed, reaction speed, and more. The apparatus can be used while the user is moving around because the cord will make the apparatus follow you if you back up. The arms on the side will make the apparatus move side to side by the person tapping it with their body on them. Plus you can take the arms and cord off and lock the wheels and make it stay and hit it. The mitts are not included. It is patent pending.

Proper protective equipment is recommended.
Martial Arts and Boxing is a contact sport. These products have a degree of protection but are not warranted to protect the user from injury.
The user uses the apparatus at his/her own risk.
So user should always wear protective equipment while using this or any product, since they are practicing a contact sport.

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